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    You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Have a Glamorous Bathroom!

    I’m sure you’re just like me and everybody else when it comes to the bathrooms. You just want the best. Bathroom remodeling can often look very demanding and very, and I mean very expensive. 

    But, what if I told you that making your bathroom look outstanding is not about the money, but more about the little secrets every interior designer knows?

    Stay with me on this safari of luxury decoration without spending much!


    The main characteristic of luxury

    Many of us think that rich people always shop and have tons of things in their homes. But, it turns out that it’s quite the opposite. Rich people spend their money on quality, and not quantity. They usually choose a few things and deal with them until they’re not useful anymore. Start your journey with that in mind.


    Where to start

    Be careful when it comes to choosing colors for your bathroom. First, start with the big parts: walls, vanities, shelves. If you have painted walls, it would be good to repaint them in white, so the room can appear bigger. Classic colors that look the most luxurious are white and gray, they look polished and sophisticated. And, they also make rooms look bigger. So, if you have a smaller bathroom, it would be a good idea to choose white as a dominant color. 

    After the walls, make sure your bathtub or shower, toilet, and vanities are, if not the same, then at least similar in color. Try with the Nelson’s white or gray collection. You’ll love these.

    Once you’re done with that, move on to the smaller ones. Smaller parts of your bathroom are mirrors, handles, taps, etc. If you chose the white color, a great, luxurious pair would be gold, and if you decided to go with the gray classic, silver would be a perfect fit.

    Nathan Van Egmond



    When it comes to decorating, a lot of us get carried away and overdo it. It’s very important to start and hold onto simple things. Pay attention to the towels, shower curtain, and storage, because these are the things that are most seen in the bathroom.

    Choose one color and stick to it. If your bathrooms are white with gold handles and gold mirror frames, then navy towels and white and navy shower curtains would go perfectly. If you chose a gray collection, then dusty pink decorations would be a great choice!

    P.S. Make sure your towels and rugs are high quality, it looks more expensive and will last longer!

    Amira Aboalnaga


    Outdoors indoors?

    If you ever saw a celebrity’s glamorous bathroom, you most certainly noticed one, for most of us, unusual element. Plants. Plants are usually added for a touch of life in the dull bathroom. Since bathrooms are not used for socializing, we do not pay attention to them as much as to the other rooms. And sometimes it does look very lifeless.

    Think about adding life to your, now white and expensive-looking bathroom. But make sure it’s the plant that enjoys high humidity and can easily survive without (much) sunlight.

    Some of these are asparagus ferns, bamboo, the Chinese evergreens, gardenias, and yes, even orchids!



    Add a touch of nature

    Besides plants, give your glamorous bathroom a more natural tone and a more calming look by adding wooden elements. Wood reminds you of a sauna and you’ll love taking a bath in your spa-like bathroom.

    Bowls, jars, candle holders, boxes – whatever you like and need, but wooden. Tiles that look like wood are also a good and very interesting choice!

    Jon’Nathon Stebbe


    Keep it clean

    One of the most important characteristics of elegance and luxury is cleanliness. Make sure your bathroom is clean and it smells good. That way, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed and you’ll enjoy your alone time more. For a great smell in the bathroom, it’s very important to clean whenever you can. You can just wipe down your counters every time you use them, put away wet towels and change them regularly and clean your toilet every day. Always take your trash out and ventilate the whole room after a shower or a bath. 

    Make your glamorous bathroom even more international (with Finnish sauna and worldwide plants you just made your bathroom a little mosaic of cultures), instead of artificial fragrances, try using natural incense sticks and essential oils.

    P.S. Here’s a great tip for your toilet to smell great: pour some fragranced fabric softener or laundry detergent in the toilet tank.


    Tina Witherspoon



    Simplicity and cleanliness are the keys to a sophisticated and glamorous-looking bathroom. Make sure you don’t clutter your bathroom and always take care of it. Clean and declutter whenever possible, keep it super simple, and invest in quality and not quantity!